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  My time in government was brought to an end when the British public voted to leave the EU. I myself campaigned to remain. Mr. Cameron and I and many others were removed from government, and the new government came in to implement the decision of the British electorate to leave the EU.




  The UK is one largest European countries, one of the largest European economies, but it‘s still only one out of twenty eight European economies. When it removes itself, the EU will change somewhat. But it’s not going to change dramatically overnight.

  And so my view is that rather than focusing on Brexit, what the EU and the UK both need to focus on is how the Europeans collectively can use the influence we can have over the united states, to broker solutions between the united states and china and India, that reshape the global system in a way that is comfortable for both the united states and for china and for India to live in. So that we can achieve a peaceful coexistence.

  However, the fact that I’m here today has made me reflect on whether there is some connection between these two concerns, concerned with the geopolitics and geoeconomics and the shift from west to east and the question of Brexit.

  And in the EU they‘re very concerned with the damage that they fear that Brexit may do to the EU. But I don’t think anybody really is talking about whether this somehow effects geopolitics and the relationship between the east and the west.

  So my view is that actually, so far as the nature of the trading relationship is concerned, as we go forward, although it will be a direct relationship, a bilateral direct relationship with china instead of one done through the EU actually in substance, it‘s very likely to be very similar.




  And that‘s not going to be depending on how Brexit goes, or exactly how we resolve the issues involved in it. It’s going to depend on how we resolve the great relationships between west and east.



  The UK has traditionally been, over the last fifty years, a highly open economy and our policy under successive governments of different political parties has been to promote open global free trade. And so in all the discussions and arguments within the EU about the EU’s trading relationships with china with India or indeed, while we‘re at it, with the United States. The UK has always been a voice in favor of openness and liberalization and a free trade. And in that we’re normally been allies of Germany and some of the Scandinavian countries.


  英国内阁办公室前部长奥立弗. 莱特文:中国答该关心脱欧吗?

  自1997年以来,奥利弗爵士一向是西多塞特郡的议员。2010年首,他担任英国当局政策大臣,随后在戴维•卡梅伦(David Cameron)的说相符当局中担任兰开斯特公国(Duchy of Lancaster)大臣。2015年大选后,他不息担任兰开斯特公国大臣,并周详掌管内阁办公室,直到2016年7月。2010年以前,他曾担任影子内务大臣、影子财政大臣、影子食品和乡下事务大臣、保守党政策审议委员会主席。


  And I think, again, actually, when you think about it, the answer is it‘s not likely to be very different. It may seem strange to you, and indeed, it seems strange to some of us.


  And finally, in that context凯时|AG(Asia Gaming)优质运营商, I should say that I think it‘s extremely likely that at the end of the whole Brexit process凯时|AG(Asia Gaming)优质运营商, the UK will end up by having negotiated with the EU a very deep free trade arrangement凯时|AG(Asia Gaming)优质运营商, which is very similar to the arrangement that it has as part of the EU single market.


  And, the question of how we achieve a peaceful coexistence between the united states, which still sees itself as having a role of hegemony over geopolitics, and the emerging power, the already emerged power of china and the emerging power of India.

  The first thing I should explain is that it‘s had a quite significant effect on my own life, in the administration of David Cameron that ran Britain from 2010 to 2016. I was involved in the government, in trying to run the policy making apparatus of the government.


  But when the UK leaves the EU, the day after, all our regulations will be the same as the day before. Our parliament has already, we have legislated to ensure that all the rules which were in place on the day we leave are still in place the day after.


  And I became as a result of a visits here and to India, and work that we did together on these issues, increasingly aware of the fundamental importance of the shift from west to east in global economics and in global power.





  So our regulations, which is a great part of trade policy, are likely to be very similar to those of the EU on an ongoing basis. We won‘t be governed by the EU regulations, but we will adopt regulations very similar to those in the EU, and that applies to services as much as to goods.

  I have the dreadful feeling that it‘s like the period at the beginning of the twentieth century, when Germany was on the rise and Britain, which was the dominant world power at the time, was very reluctant to allow Germany to express the power that it had economically.

  And I accepted that result. And I decided that a good way to use my time was to reflect on these wider issues of the balance of power and economics across a long time, in world history, between east and west.



  A huge part of our trade, The UK trade will still be with the EU. In order to export to the EU, we will have to maintain the same product standards that we currently maintain, and they will have to match the EU standards as those standards change.


  Very similar positions.


  And so I became involved in a research institute, to have a team. We‘re writing a book, to try to discuss how the west should view that shift of power, and of economic power. And I was happily doing this and very much enjoying no longer having to participate very actively in the government.

  And so for example, 乐橙APP if there is in the future, a free trade agreement between china and the UK, will be a direct bilateral relationship between the UK and china and not between the EU and china, although of course, they may separately be a free trade agreement between the EU and china. You already have free trade arrangements, for example, with Norway. It will be somewhat similar to that arrangement, or indeed, with Switzerland.








  How different is that likely to be from whatever china signs up eventually with the EU, or the trade policy, that at the moment has on each side of that relationship?

  And actually what‘s going on in the world is that china now, and very probably in the near future, India, are becoming again, as they were for thousands of years, half of the world’s GDP and enormously important, economic and geopolitical features.

  So I think it will actually be the case that the UK remains about as attractive a place to locate investment from Chinese firms in order to export into the EU, and there‘s a good deal of that, that happens at the moment, as it is at present.


  Thank you!



  The second obvious change from the point of view of east west relationships is that the removal of the UK from the EU will have some effect on the attitude of the EU to its relationship with the rest of the world.

  The relationship between china and the UK is has of course, over these years, being conducted through the EU. And if the UK leaves the EU, that situation, of course, changes. From that point onwards, the UK will have to have its own global trading policy, and it will conduct its own global trade negotiations.


  I don‘t think that the trading relationship or the trade policy relationship, or the free trade negotiations between china and the EU are going to be hugely affected by the UK removing itself from the EU.





  And the first is that for many, many years since the UK joined the EU, global trade policy on global trade relationships have not been conducted by the UK government. They‘ve been conducted by the EU commission. So whereas china’s trading relationship with the US is conducted with the US government, not at the moment, a very easy relationship.

  So, my message to you is Brexit actually will come and probably go and you probably won‘t really notice terribly much difference. And actually nobody will probably notice in the end terribly much difference,凯时|AG(Asia Gaming)优质运营商 except that it’s a terribly difficult political transition in the UK.

  And in a similar way in Europe, and particularly in the UK, we have distracted ourselves by concerning ourselves with this internal shift.

  And there‘s another uncomfortable parallel, which is that both the Germans and the British in 1900s, were failing to notice that the United States has become actually the biggest economy in the world while they weren’t looking.

  And I think it‘s fair to say that this has been one of the messiest and least well conducted, political processes in British political history. And in fact, I think when the history books are written, it will be quite instructive for the whole rest of the world, about how not to do something.

  In the end, apart from issues like climate change, the thing that is most going to determine whether my children and my grandchildren are going to lead happy and prosperous lives is whether the world works out how to have peaceful coexistence over the next fifty, sixty, seventy years.

  因此,吾要通知你们的是, 英国脱欧会发生,然后以前,你们能够不会发现有多么大的差别。实际上,异国人会仔细到最后的差别,除了在英国国内这段专门难得的政治过渡阶段。



  But world history marches on.




  And only gradually will any of our regulations change.

  I don‘t think that the attractiveness of the UK is an investment vehicle for exporters into the EU is very likely to change dramatically either. This brings us to the question, what is it actually that the EU and china should be thinking about as we go through the process of Brexit. And in particular, what should the EU and the UK be thinking about as we go through the process of Brexit, from the point of view of the relationship with china and indeed with Asia as a whole.


  ※ 以下是演讲内容记录:


  What will remain is this big issue of how both sides of the world accommodate to a huge shift in the power balances and the economic power balances in the world.

  But again, I don‘t think one should overestimate that effect.

  But unfortunately, I remained a member of our parliament and about eighteen months ago, it became clear that this process of the EU being left by Britain, Britain Brexiting, was not going smoothly. And since then, I have unfortunately, had to spend quite a lot of my time trying to work on what to do about that situation in parliament.


  So I hate to disappoint you that after having flown some thousands of miles, overnight to come to address you and to talk about the effects of Brexit on the relationships that china has with the EU and with the UK, my main message to is, I don‘t think it will have very much effect on either of these things.

  And one of my roles at that time was to be a member of our national security council. And during that time, I became increasingly interested in a much wider question of what was happening to our world as a whole.

  Then we come to the question of the nature of the direct trading relationship between the UK and china and the shape of any free trade arrangement, which we might make with china bilaterally?

  And then I think there is a very clear answer. I think for Europe and for the UK, Brexit has been a major distraction. It has focused a great deal of time and effort on an internal affair. It‘s as if you were spending a great deal of time working out with whether shanghai was going to become a separate country, not part of china. This would occupy you for an enormous amount of time and distract you from thinking about the relationship between china and the world.



  奥立弗 · 莱特文(Oliver Letwin)


  The city of London is the most important financial center in Europe, and one of the three most important financial centers in the world. In order for it to continue to be of great importance, those firms that are located in London will need to be able to go on doing business from London in Europe. They will only be able to do that if the financial services regulatory arrangements in London are recognized as equivalent by the European Union in just the same way that the European Union recognizes the regulations of the sec in New York as equivalent to EU regulation. So it‘s very unlikely that even our financial services regulation will diverge very far from EU financial services regulation.



  That question is the real question for all of us, for the prosperity of the Chinese, for the prosperity of the states, but also for the prosperity and wellbeing of the citizens of the EU and of the UK.




  And our task is to find a way through that, where the Europeans play a constructive role in enabling the United States to reach an accommodation with Asia, in particular with china, that avoids conflict and promotes peaceful coexistence.

  At the moment, Europeans are not thinking about this very much at all in the states they are thinking about. But they‘re thinking about it in a way which causes a real problem, because they haven’t yet got themselves to the point of accepting that the nature of the world is changing, and they have to find a way to deal with that, that creates the basis for peaceful coexistence.


  If you think of what is today, the United States as Britain, the dominant world power, still, just, if you think of Germany in 1900s as equivalent to china, becoming the other dominant power. And if you think of, what was then the United States creeping up behind without anybody noticing as India, you have a very close parallel between 1900 and 2019.




  奥立弗 · 莱特文:    

  因此吾的不益看点是,实际上,就贸易有关的性质而言,随着吾们的发展,尽管这将是一栽直接的有关,一栽不再议定欧盟而与中国产生的直接的双边有关, 但实际上,它很能够是专门相通的。





  We‘re very preoccupied with all the details of, the process of Brexit, which is enormously complicated because it is the first time in history when a country has been removing itself from a trade block. And it’s not just a trade block. It‘s a profound legal order, and with a huge number of different relationships. So we are very concerned in the UK with that.

  And we all know how that ended in 1914-18. It was not a happy result.




  Should China Care about Brexit?

  And I think if you went to most people in the UK, or indeed most people in Europe, and you ask them that question, is there any relationship between these two things? They would probably say no.

  And often on the other side of the argument, the French and the Mediterranean countries have been much more cautious about opening up and liberalizing trade. So clearly, when the UK leaves the EU, that balance is going to alter. And it may be that the EU becomes slightly more protectionist.

  最先吾要说的是,脱欧对吾本身的生活产生了相等大的影响,在戴维·卡梅伦(David Cameron)执掌英国的2010年至2016年期间,吾参与了当局做事,管理当局的决策机构。

  And at the moment, partly because of the distraction of Brexit. And partly just because of the way history has gone. And the profound lack of attention to the east in the west, and in particular in Europe.

  That is a change. I don‘t think it’s a very major change.




  I’m very delighted to have been asked to come this afternoon. We‘ve had technical discussion about Brexit upstairs. I want to talk in a wider way about it.

  吾认为,直白地说, 这是英国政治史上最紊乱、最不规范的政治进程之一。原形上,吾认为当这段历史被书写出来的时候,它会对世界上的其异国家有很大的启发,关于如何不往做一些事情。

  And the first thing I should say is that there‘s some obvious results of Brexit it if indeed it does finally happen.



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